Services offered

• Complete landscape design and installation services
• Comprehensive grounds maintenance programs
• Irrigation design and fountain installation
• Expert horticulture services
• Interior scape
• Fountains

Complete Landscape Design Consultancy & Installation Services

Function & Beauty

Providing both visual appeal and practicality is an important measure of a landscape’s success. Agro Architects combines planning with experience to achieve multiple landscape objectives.

Single Source, Single Contract Solutions

Agro Architects has the expert staff and equipment to complete any project without complications. Our experienced & trained employees are equipped to maintain smooth flow and schedules for each project.

Attention to Detail

More than Two decades of experience ensures the proper selection of plant materials for different growing conditions.

Comprehensive grounds maintenance programs

Our Grounds Maintenance division knows the importance and the value of your landscape. Every service needed is available and performed by trained professionals on a carefully managed schedule to assure optimum results. From month to month and season to season, your investment is managed by experts capable of identifying and reacting to any need immediately.

Consistent, Dependable Service

• As the landscape changes through the seasons and the years, Agro Architects keeps it in top condition through careful planning and consistent client communication.
• Hundreds of small and large tasks are performed in a timely and professional manner to maintain the over-all effect desired.
• Dependable execution is critical to proper grounds maintenance.

Meeting Your Needs

• Communication is a key to success. From client to office to field, needs are rapidly handled.
• Our management system is designed to adapt to the way you work and meet your time- line.
• Agro Architects will custom design a maintenance program to meet the needs of your property
Every project contains hundreds of subtle but important professional touches. Annual color plantings provide dramatic eye-appeal.

Irrigation Design & fountain Installation

The landscape environment depends on water — the correct amounts properly delivered at the right times.
Agro Architects provides both scheduled and emergency service to assure that your irrigation system consistently delivers, on time and on target. The result this care is efficient and effective irrigation of your valuable turf and landscape.

India’s Changing Environment

Water conservation is one of India’s most important issues. Increasing demands will be placed on every irrigation system to deliver water more efficiently. Our irrigation specialists are continually trained in the latest irrigation technologies. From manual valves to computerized control systems, Agro Architects has the expertise to troubleshoot, repair, and effectively maintain any type of system. Agro Architects take pride in stating that we have completed various different fountains and water curtain with water bodies to enhance the landscape of the property.

Expert Horticulture Services

An understanding of India’s diverse growing conditions and wide variety of plant materials is essential to produce a beautiful and healthy landscape.

Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

There are hundreds of plant diseases and pests in India. Accurate diagnosis and treatment is essential in preventing long-term costly problems. From our years of experience throughout India, We have developed the depth of experience and organization necessary for accurate, cost-effective diagnosis and treatment.

Interior Scape

A new concept of interior Scape is being introduced for your needs inside your property with varied species and varieties of plants and floral decoration for eco friendly house and keeping the balance of landscape between the outside as well as inside the property. Offered by our specialized company “Abhishek Green Heights”.

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